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  1. For a site that rakes in millions, their support and website-code is laughable. In every other industry, they would be already sued into the ground. Well, there's a reason why gambling is illegal in most jurisdictions, and in interacting with those "big boys" of the industry, I too lean more and more towards this sentiment. I also have a support inquiry and literally can't even bring live-support to answer anything other than copy-pasted "we received your message"-bullshit, it's infuriating. Well, if you want to play, deposit at a competitor, that's the only language that they understand, cold hard cash (which they aren't getting from me at least any more). Oh, and I suggest a bad 1-star review on trustpilot for good measures also.
  2. BC.Game should be ashamed of themselves for stuff like that. They're raking in millions from loyal customers and can't be bothered to even staff support properly, their disgusting greed will be their downfall eventually.
  3. Guy, what's up with these low effort Chat-GPT-answers? Just keep this nonsense chatter to yourself next time.
  4. Some time ago BC.GAME did remove (without notifying) one of my (legit) affiliates with the accusation, it would be a multi-account (which is WRONG). The affiliate in question is a friend of mine, who wouldn't even be playing on this platform without my recommendation - I have earned any comission fair and square (he is also plat VIP, I think around lvl 40). This is unjust and fraudulent - BC.GAME can (and will) remove any of your affiliates if they feel like it, without proper justification, without giving notice. That's not a good look and shady as fuck (how much fair and square earned comission-money is bc.game not paying out ?). Since it has been a while, it should be possible now to look into player betting behaviour, ip-adresses, login-data, to unmistakenly determine, that he is, in fact, a legit player and user and that I am entitled to all the (lost) commission he racked up in the time he was unjustly removed from my affiliate list. I am a PLAT VIP on this site, which I hope is at least worth that somebody will look into this issue or contact me via e-mail or on this board/thread here. If not, I won't be customer of this casino any longer. If my business is not worth a fair and proper treatment, I might as well give it to any of the numerous competitors. Thanks for reading,
  5. The time they take with those payouts is ridicilous. The whole process could be easily automated with a script/little application. BC-Game is enormously profitable, but apparently can't be bothered with this. Disappointing.
  6. https://bc.game/#/sd/11ASXBW3Y8BEOJ 76x https://bc.game/#/sd/11ASYB0R7CEGB7 120x https://bc.game/#/sd/11ASYHHBQQUUXF 13x
  7. 5.1x https://bc.game/#/sd/118ZMB8POHYZV7 8x https://bc.game/#/sd/118ZMI6L48D0CZ 11x
  8. The BCD symbol is mostly fine, but is a bit too plain and boring, so I made it a bit more dynamic and presentable. It's now iconic and unmistakingly YOUR BCD-symbol. Enjoy.
  9. Website URL ( https://bc.game/affiliate) Device & System ( PC/Win11 ) Feedback / Live bug / User experience. ( Wanted to withdraw commission, but I can't because my affiliate vanished (he has still an active account ) See 3. Here is the screenshot of my vanished affiliate site:
  10. https://bc.game/sd/?sd=10TJRTSSC0W9W3 https://bc.game/sd/?sd=10TJS19UHKZM6R https://bc.game/sd/?sd=10TJSC07SQ7WGJ
  11. https://bc.game/sd/?sd=10SET0QZU7F09F https://bc.game/sd/?sd=10SEU5TL4VQEJ7
  12. https://bc.game/sd/?sd=10S28NC5P2O1ZN https://bc.game/sd/?sd=10S4NJ04ABBHUB https://bc.game/sd/?sd=10S4NS5HQZZTHV
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