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  1. Already received monthly bonus, dont post about not getting it before the bonus is out.!
  2. Your valuable feedback will help us improve our services and enhance your overall experience! Big thank you!
  3. Nice multipliers! Good luck everyone!
  4. Yes but there is also a bounty, read payout table
  5. 1hr open, if you still have any pending work, now is the time to submit, go go go
  6. @CptObvious1 Do understand your frustration but you are not being lied to. Integrity and transparency is what we are build on and will always continue to upheld that. Since wager is rolling wager, there could changes since last you checked vs then. We are trying more features and also optimise and make current ones better. All feedback is always welcome. Regarding flashdrops, surely it last few minutes unlike how it was before. This is added bonus to regular players, rather than a treat to bot users or farmers. The change is positive if you look deeper.
  7. Who is going to take the 1st place? One of my favourite games, lets see some love for Plinko !!!
  8. Hello, in order to get better answer to your questions, please contact our live support.
  9. Are there no Tower Legend Masters willing to share their game strategy or the awesome big wins?
  10. Try the discord and chance to get whitelisted. Best of luck
  11. Apparently one of our community members mad a fabulous presentation video of Jackpot share from iGaming providers.
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