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Won big need help


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I did not understand anything. Could you somehow be specific? What game? Are you pertaining to a win that's already showing i your balance? Or a win that did not get credited to your balance but you do have the bet link? How much are we talking about? 

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Few possibilities as I currently see it:
1) This guy has no idea what he is talking about. Perhaps he confused a JB bet for BTC or something.
2) He is a troll.
3) This guy is a inarticulate scammer carrying out a poorly executed scam
4) Or this guy, who has a total of $16k wagered, really did somehow with 2 BTC playing Beauties (of all games) and has somehow managed to botch the withdraw. Potentially falling victim to a scam himself. Perhaps he lost the seed to his wallet and got the funds syphoned out the moment they landed in his address. Looking at the block explored it seems the funds were passed around in a way that *could* be indicative of an entity like BC distributing withdraws, but, to me, it looks more like scammers scattering their ill gotten gains to try to confuse any would be trackers.  

His story is incoherent, inconsistent and the parts that I can understand seem to be describing events that could not happen at all. Below is a link to his other forum post about this same topic.


And it looks like he went through something similar in June. Also very confusing as the what the actual issue was.


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