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The Disheartened Lover Finds Hope in the Weekly Raffles


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To the rose pedals of my heart, our dearest BC.Games,

I would just like to say that I am thrilled with the new weekly raffle that was announced yesterday. Ever since the April 21, 2023 announcement that rakeback would no longer  be available, I had been anxiously waiting to see the modifications "designed to benefit our community and reward our long-term users" that supposedly were "to align with [our] interests as players and to enhance [our] overall gaming experience" but aside from a reduced redeem amount for locked BCD and some minor enhancements to the BC Originals, these past 4 months have been dominated by experiences that did nothing more than diminish the remaining bits of admiration I had for BCGames. I realize now that perhaps the things that I appreciated were not shared opinions of the majority, from making it more complicated to access our vaults, to adding extra steps for claiming bonus drops, to completely abolishing the bank roll system and going so far as to remove the private messaging and friends list system. It's as if our promise not to dare mention by the name the other women we  enjoy a steak dinner with in chat wasn't enough that they had to take away our ability to talk privately with one another.

Granted, with the exception of the bankroll system, these things were maybe nuances to the gaming experience per se (though I suppose, investing in the bankroll isn't really any sort of game play) for most people, but to be told that these changes were to "benefit our community" when it felt like adding extra steps for accessing the vault or having to navigate to another pages just to claim bonus drops was their way of seemingly making things less convenient and more difficult. Like every relationship when someone tries to push us away by being more annoying so that maybe we would get so fed up we would be the ones to leave instead. But, maybe it was some way of helping prevent bad actors from using bots to claim bonus drops or something, but wasn't that attempted to be addressed by adding a wager requirement already? Or was it discovered that those utilizing such services had very little to lose thanks to the other software they utilized for meeting such wager requirements that they wouldn't let us dip our hands in the bank roll anymore?

In giving BCGames the benefit of the doubt and wanting to give it more chances than a hopeless romantic who waits for an audience in the rainless night, I understood that these changes were necessary and perhaps even difficult business decisions to make. But it's clear, at least to me, that BCGames had to restructure its rewards to players to protect its financial well-being or to have any hope of increasing its bottom line. So the part that was most upsetting and that could not be overlooked, was that it chose to make it seem as if these changes were all about us. All about making things better for us. Leading us to believe that it would make our relationship stronger and better than before. And admittedly, maybe there was some truth to that because ultimately, how could we possibly continue to enjoy BCGames if it could no longer afford to operate or be around? What would we do with ourselves being left alone?

My insecurities precede me as I hopeless wished they would just be honest with us. if they had just been upfront about the changes and admitted that maybe they were TOO generous with the rewards or that they've given out way TOO many bonuses that they had to pull back in order to come out with new and more creative ways of rewarding players to enhance their experience, then maybe, just maybe, that would've at least made everything feel a little less deceptive and untrustworthy like every other love affair we had to watch happen right beneath our nose. Because, admitting to faults and mistakes we make as human beings takes courage and is much more forgivable than being mislead to think that somehow taking away those things that many players had often looked forward would be to "enhance [our] overall gaming experience" or to breathe new life into our relationship. Nay, I say, It might as well have told us how much they love us and want to be together but then turn around and walk away, straight out that door to leave us all alone. 

So sure, maybe it might've helped prevent some non-contributing players from continuing to take away from BCGames' abilities to better serve the players that actually put something on the table. But we hadn't seen any of that love and affection we once felt in the beginning, at least, not until now and I guess we won't have to keep feeling like the victim of a toxic controlling relationship anymore where we keep desperately hoping for things to change but continually find nothing more than disappointment. And maybe... maybe, we can actually start seeing those "enhancements" it promised us so long ago.

Forever holding on to the fading scent of your last embrace, yours truly,



----- If this were like the place where a birdie became an X, there would be a note to tell you that the love letter was a work of satirical irony. -----

~TLDR~ Happy with the new weekly raffle but wondering why there's no live stream to announce winners? 😛

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