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BlackJack Playing Optimally


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The very basic rule of thumb in playing blackjack is to lower the house edge set versus you.  Usually, you can expect giving up between 3 and 5 percent, or perhaps more if you’re the average player who does not know the trick. But if you do, you can play and give up less than 0.5%. meaning you’d be getting close to a fair game from the house and potentially end up with a better and profitable session than not. So without even saying, you don’t stop with the basic strategies of play in the game, but then learn of the most advanced strategies to apply in the game play. 

This 2 tip help me in my play.

1. Never take insurance or even money.  So when the dealer’s up card is showing an ace, you should not take insurance. Instead, you must proceed with the round.

2. You should see your hand as a “hard total” and then keep playing based on the rules if you’re playing a hand and using a basic chart of strategies that tell you to split the cards, but then you’re not able because of the limitations in splitting. So for example if you’re dealt with 2 threes but then unable to split your cards, then you should see your hand as a 6 or 3+3. Using the basic strategies chart, in this case, you need to “Hit” if the dealer’s up card is 2. 

Aside from getting a hand as close to 21, your main goal is to beat the dealer’s hand, as in that way you can take the money home. However, you should be wise and concentrate to the cards of the dealer – as well as understand what these cards mean and what they actually carry.

So without even saying, wise players should also know where the dealer and the house might have an advantage over their hands – and that’s a powerful skill that you can learn and master to improve your playing experience and probability of winning.


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