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THE AWARDS!! How The Fuck Do I Earn Them??


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There are a number of awards with great rewards and most are easy to undersatand and easy to obtain however there are still alot of questions surrounding these rewards so ill give a quick overview of what I know and hopefully you can fill in the blanks that i dont know so everyone might have a clear understanding

The awards are as follows *Talking & Talking


                                               *Local Tyrant

                                              *Highest Contributor

                                              *Highest Level


                                             *Coco Trainer

                                            *Incredible Lucky Dog

                                            *Faucet Master

                                             *I'm Biggest


                                             *Chicken Dinner

                                             *Loyal Player

                                              *Call Me Richman



and finally first place awrds for *BTC,  *DOGE,   *EOS,   & *ETH.

Now most of these are pretty easy to figure out, for instance Talking & Talking is simply given for talking in chat a whole shit load, Highest Level is given for reaching SVIP10, Rainer is given for raining a total of 50x Coco Trainer for hitting the spider 200X Lucky Dog for getting a win equal to exactly 66666 Faucet Master for collecting the faucet everyday for 1 month, I'm Biggest for getting 1st place on the roll competition, Protagonist for raining a total of $100, Chicken Dinner for having your profit total over $10,000, Loyal Player for making a total of 1 million bets, Call Me Richman for having a total wagered of over 1 million dollars, Veteran for being a member for a full year,  Boss for tipping a total of 50 different people and 1st Place BTC, DOGE, EOS, & ETH for getting first place with one of the said coins.


what about the ones that aren't so easy to understand??, Honestly I have no idea so this is where you come in to play, we need you to reply with any info you have about Fearless, Local Tyrant & Highest Contributor, the info stated says for  Fearless... no one has lost more the you, okay so we have to lose alot but there really isnt alot of detail there, for Local Tyrant it says that your wallet wont load quickly are you sure you want to use it , so maybe this is for using the exchange  or having BC be your main wallet, there are alot of theory's however it would be nice to have a clear understanding of what the real meaning is, and Highest Contributor says for being the most admirable player, now i would assume from the title that it would have to do with deposits or bankroll but its not  cleared up so theres no questions.

so, if you have any information about these awards or tips and advice on any of them be sure to reply and help out especially since getting these awards rewards quite well. 5 awards = 3000 DOGE, 10 awards = 1 ETH + 10,000 DOGE, 15 awards =0.1 BTC +2ETH +50,000 DOGE and if you are crazy enough to play so hard you collect all 20 awards you will recieve 1BTC + 10 ETH + 100,000 DOGE

also I will personally be giving out random thankyou tips to some of the replys posted in hopes of helping the bc community players, so good luck winning from me an dwinning from BC Game now hurry up, say whats on your mind!!



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I have 7 medal now. And most of player can take 10 medal easily. Pro and big player can get 17medal. But fearless and local tyrant and highest contribution are very hard for all. So 10 medal is best for all.if you want 20 medal when you rich 2 millions $. You will get all. 😅 

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Saya baru mendapatkan 4 medali dan untuk memperoleh 1 medali biar bisa mendapatkan bonus itu sangat susah,,saya sudah berusaha tetapi ujung ujung nya keputus asaan karna tak kunjung mendapatkan

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why I have such a hard time collecting medals. .. I am very active in playing but for 2 years I played I can only collect 3 medals .. what do I have to do to get a lot of medals and get prizes from bc.game

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