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What is "mDegenPass" coin ?


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Hello ,

 I like your question

 I was hoping to find answers

 For more information and knowledge, the field is still open to all

 To answer your question, using my little experience.

 The beginning is the general concept of currency derivatives, token and electronic, either in the site

 [Bc. Game]

 I only found him a box that needs 1000 pieces

 Until the requirement of the missing picture is met, to be completed by collecting a thousand pieces and entering it, and here begins the role of the support or the professional and old brothers

 For your information, there are a lot of people who want it to exchange it for another currency, it is a nice deed, but if someone came to the BTC family, it would disappear from existence, even if you had a coin again, you would not have asked about it 😅🏼

Mistakes are part of this game

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Currently you want wager them or you can hold it. if you get up to 1000 of them, and they do end up having the degen pass go live, if there are any available passes left after the whitlablel even, because they are caping this nft at 1777 total ever.  So you may have to old it long enough for someone to deconstruct their degein pass the, which would open up  spot for you to combine yours. providing you had ehough pieces etc...

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